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January 06 2015


Ads ...

Ok, so we got a bit of feedback for the recent ad enhanced (snicker) version of Soup, and it's both unsurprising and intriguing.
Placement of the static ad on the storefront pages (/everyone, /friends etc) - a no-no. Not because of 'eek, ads' but because of it's bad visual effect on the page. That's an obvious "told you so" for some of us, and I removed the placement today (although a small bug remains that prohibits from resizing the window to narrow).
What I wouldn't have thought: several users recommended putting the ads in the stream instead. That's an AdBlock+ policy no-go, but I severely doubt that they'd have exempted the skyscraper ads anyway. There's more research needed on which ads allow such a presentation, but it's a distinct possibility that we try this.
There've also been several demands to be able to donate. Two things: there are no donation buttons with a relevant reach (read: paypal, amazon) that allow for donation to companies. A concept that I find dubious anyway. I'm pretty sure only the smallest minority here would work for donations. Which leads me to the second point: I'd much rather have an insert-coin feature for Soup that let's you buy the product and service we provide. And for those that don't want to bother supporting, there should be an appropriate, Soup-y "native" ad product.
We're working on both of these things, but in the meanwhile, we need to pay our bills, and that's why the banner ad topic is not going away completely - for now.
In the meanwhile, we do read and consider every reaction to @kitchen and @testkitchen, comments on twitter, and mails to team@soup.io. Nothing is set in stone, and we do appreciate your feedback greatly.
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December 31 2014



Earth Studios offers 1 and 2 BHK studio apartments infused with elegance and luxury. It is very well connected and located at Tech Zone, on Yamuna Expressway at Greater Noida. 

Earth Studios is the perfect place to compliment & support your stylish living. The project commits of furnished studio apartments infused with elegance and luxury. Its stylish decor leaves you spell bound. The benefits one reaps from Earth Studios is that it gives high rental returns, has high liquidity and could be used as a holiday home as well. It is strategically located in Greater Noida, which lies adjacent to the Yamuna Expressway. 

Spread over 15 acres (approx.) of lush greenery, not just the abode, Earth Studios' 12%* commitment amount per annum till September 2015 also makes it a wonderful investment opportunity.


·         Electric oven

·         A spices box

·         Air conditioner

·         Refrigerator

·         An LCD TV

·         Double bed mattresses with pillows

·         Sofa

·         Study table with chairs

·         Two-seator-dining room

·         Bathroom accessories

·         Electric chimney

·         Excellent connectivity with Delhi

·         India’s first city with Master Traffic Plan

·         Smooth and Wide Roads

·         Pollution Free environment

·         Underground Drainage

·         Optical fiber based telephone network

·         Private Power-for uninterrupted power supply

·         Abundant clean and sweet water

·         Scientifically-planned sector layouts with community and recreational centers, park and playgrounds at the sector levels.
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